Oguzkhan President Palace Complex


One of the main sights of the city is the new Gakynysh  Square, with magnificent Stella surrounded by architectural - monumental ensembles, first of all Oguzkhan President Palace Complex that in opinion of our President is the center of reviving ancient culture.

The construction of Main Management of Civil Defense and Rescue Operations of Ministry of Defense of Turkmenistan, the main corps of Turkmen State University and new-built fashionable Nusay hotel are situated around the square.

Stella towering in the center embodies spirit of Turkmen statehood. Its grand shaped column of noble dark green color personifies triumphal moving of Turkmenistan to great aims and achievements.

Golden President Flag installing on turquoise blue globe embodies the unity of national and human values, active peace-making policy of head of Turkmen state Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov.

Presence of the earth in the monument is peculiar interpretation of neutral status, thus projecting frankness, neighborliness and peacefulness of our people.

Octactinal star of Oguzkhan that last time became the basic dominant of the whole architectural-art decor in Turkmenistan, - is many-valued symbol of deep philosophical meaning and historical roots leading to forefather of nation – legendary Oguzkhan. Today this symbol has become connecting link of past, present and future.

This image appears in the ensemble of fountains situated in the form of Oguzkhan's star within the frame of bowls of fountains with natural carpet made from bright floral patterns embodied beauty of Turkmen land, and its inexhaustible generosity.



State flag of Turkmenistan



The symbol of statehood, our patriotism, morality and nation revival became green banner proudly streaming on the square before the Main Museum of Turkmenistan. The height of flag-poleset in the south part of the city, one of the highest in the world is 133 meters (size of the flag is 52,5x35 meters).The record was registered into the Guinness book in 2008.



Symbolic reflection of centuries-old ethical traditions of Turkmen nation became 2 olive branches in composition with 5 traditional carpet patterns on the banner. An ancient carpet pattern – gel, 5 stars near the crescent are the symbols of new revival life, 2 olive branches embody peaceable policy of our state. Day of State Flag is celebrated on 19th of February annually.



Monument of Independence


In 2000-2001 there were erected several outstanding monuments; the main of them was monument of Independence with height of 118 meters, surrounded by sculptures of distinguished medieval state figures, philosophers and poets of Turkmenistan. There is a museum inside of monument, numerous exhibits tell about the history of Turkmenistan. The cozy square decorated by exotic trees and shrubs surrounds the monument. Fresh-ness is making by impressive fountain compositions located on the whole perimeter of the square. Outstanding sculptors of Turkmenistan Babasary Annamuradov, Saragt Babaev, Velmurad Jumaev, Shamurad Yarmammedov, Nurmuhammed Ataev, etc. took part in this big project. Collective work of Turkmen sculptures was successfully finished.

The monuments to outstanding statesmen, politicians, public figures, scientists, writers and poets of Turkmen nation have been created for the first time in Turkmenistan. Lives and works of these famous great people have enormous importance for world history and culture.






The Arch of Neutrality



The Arch of Neutrality is the monument of ultramodern forms, the newest technologies and national expression. The lighthouse at day and night time attracts all eyes, delights by its beauty, doesn’t press by its mass, but vice versa makes an impression of something light, flying up to sun and stars.



This monument is closely related to very important event for our country that occurred in New York on December 12, 1995. On meeting of UNO General Assembly representatives of 185 countries unanimously voted to accept the special resolution of Permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan.



The Arch of Neutrality – is visual embodiment of Turkmen people's pride in their Motherland that for the first time has come out impetuously on political field after the many centuries being in the shadow of the history. Now it is Sovereign State with all attributes of independence.



Compositional basis of the Arch of Neutrality became traditional Turkmen tagan – tripod for pot. It is the limpid hint of ever-burning hearth and strength of home like our state. Observation grounds with tremendous panorama are located on different levels. On the first level the attendances can lift on two pier towers by funiculars. Here, on the height of 21,5 meters there is cafe-bar with cyclorama. Transparent lift delivers the visitors to the upper observation ground on the height of 50 meters. 12 meters statue of Saparmurat Turkmenbashy is on the top of the Arch (author – famous Turkmen sculptor Babasary Annamuredov).



Lower zone of cylindrical part of white marbled arch of neutrality is decorated by bronze shaped compositions reflecting stages of Turkmen history. Five bronze rings around the Arch decorated by carpet patterns symbolize unbroken unity of Turkmen tribes.



At night the Arch acquires absolutely another materiality with the help of huge system of projectors.



Monument of Constitution

Monument of Constitution, built on the south of Turkmen city, on the occasion of celebrating of the memorable date – 20 years of the Main State Law in May 2011- is one of the main sights of the city. Tremendous architect-art complex, including History Museum of Turkmenistan Constitution, the monument that is not only an adornment and attraction of Ashgabat, but significant sociopolitical and cultural educational center. It embodies indissoluble connection of times and generations indestructible unity and solidarity of Turkmen people, its invariable devotion to high humanistic values of world ideal and creation.

Blend of the best traditions of national architecture and modern architectural and engineering-technical solutions gives to the building originality and peculiar flavor. It is one more of the most grandiose building in Central Asia. The height of the monument is 185 meters.

The center of the composition is the four-faced column with the height of 91 meters, each side is decorated by Turkmen carpet patterns and by steeple with gold crescent and 5 stars crowning the column. It has been mounted on base of 27 meters shaped like legend star of Oguzkhan and 10 meters platform with porticos, fountain cascades and parade stairs from all sides. The square with fountains and forest-park zone is equipped with the necessary facilities around the monument. The museum consisting of 6 rooms, spacious perfectly decorated halls where the banners of great Turkmen states are exposed-to-view, conference hall with 200 seats, assembly hall for 50 persons, the library with reading and computer halls, souvenir shop, cafeteria and the numbers of the other premises are located in the complex. On the 19 floor of the monument there is the observation deck with great view to white-marbled Ashgabat.


Center of Public broadcasting

Turkmenistan Public broadcasting Center is situated on the south side of the city on Kopetdag Ridge. Grandiose engineer-technical construction has been seen practically from any place of the city. Distinctive feature of this, undoubtedly, constructively composite building is its architectural embodiment, peculiarity of its appearance and design. Crowned by powerful antenna of 211 meters Public broadcasting Center has large Stella octagonal of Oguzkhan in the center that covered by special stable glasses from both sides. In daytime it is gleaming on the sunrays, shining of the star is observed from far away, at night - color lighting and illumination give inimitable tint to the monumental composition.


The basic block of the complex consists of 31 floors where besides studios and the other special premises there are offices, canteen and restrooms for employees. The swivel restaurant with spacious panorama of white-stone city is situated on the 28th floor.


The center has been equipped with the most modern telecommunication equipments – TV and radio apparatus of new generation, editing, graphic studio, etc. and also it has lighting, sound and the other technical system of new generation by means of what journalists can operatively prepare and conduct reports from the place of event.



Bagt Koshgi Wedding Palace

Intended to join the hearts of loving people, to give birth to new families Wedding Palace or Bagt Koshgi (Palace of happiness) has been located in the south-west part of Turkmen city organically suited into architectural ensemble of this part of the city. Last years this region has been occupied by comfortable dwelling houses, Monument of Constitution, Congress Palace and complex of administrative building. Wonderful view of the city and Kopetdag picturesque foothills is opened from upland where the Palace is situated. Palace is of unusual architectural construction.

Eleven floor building of more than 38 thousands square meters is three-stage construction, every side of which is in the form of 8-pointed star.

The cube crowning the const ruction with ball of 32 meters in diameter in it, embodies the unity, reliability and strength of young families. The Palace is bordered by fountains and is brightly illuminated at night.

Multifunctional center consists of 6 halls for ceremonial registration of marriage; each of them has its own name. Besides it, there are 3 halls for marriage ceremonies counted for 500 and 1000 quests. On the 8th floor it is located the biggest – Golden hall for marriage.

Simultaneously 7 couples can register their relations. There are also 7 banquet alls, 36 shops, 2 cafes, all kinds of necessary marriage services, including salon of marriage clothes, car decorating, and rent of jewelry, national adornment, photo-salon, and beauty salon, hotel with 22 comfortable rooms. Administration and archive are situated on 3rd and 4th floors.